A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Improve your technique to reach the best time between each laps.

If you do better than the target time, you can consider that you are a real driver.

This game includes 2 levels + 1 bonus level : 

  • International Speedway : Manage your speed and turns to avoid touching the edges.
  • Ocean Canyon :  Find the best path to gain time and reach the platforms without send the car in the decor.
  • Stunt Park (bonus) :  No timekeeping, have fun doing jumps and spins with your car.

Development / Design / Music : Robin Kujava

Release Date : 2018/04/03 (Version 1.1)

Install instructions

Unzip and Play (no installation required)


Sun Racer (Windows) 64 MB
Sun Racer (Mac) 70 MB
Sun Racer (Linux) 85 MB
Sun Racer (OST) 9 MB

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